Build and Crush

At the moment, Build and Crush can be played only on a computer browser.
Build and Crush is a multiplayer game where players build various stuff, make them public, and other players can see them, play on them, but most importantly, crush them!


In the Build mode, you can build various stuff from blocks. Blocks also have some other shapes, like cylinders, or triangles. There are various materials, like wood, leaf, bricks, metal, etc. And you can also place colored blocks, to achieve what you desire to build! After you finish building, don't forget to save. And then you can playtest easily what you build, and also make your creations public so other players can play them!


Crush mode allows you to play on other creations made by other players. You can filter by the newest, best, or recommended, and easily jump into someone's build. Use various tools like a car, soldier, cannon, airplane, hydraulic press, and a nuke to blow things up! If you are tired of the current creation, you can press the Random button and quickly go to a new one. Don't forget to also vote, since this will help a lot of the creators!